Fall Semester Programs and Themes

YC - UkelelesMusic & Learning FALL  naturally together in Kindermusik, especially with Ms. Debbie !

Lakeland Fall Semester

starts first week of September 2011

Host:  InTune Studios in Dixieland Village at 1037 S. Florida Ave. Suite 125 

Most programs are held once a week, Monday through Thursday

Monday eve. and Tues morning classes are taught by Ms. Tiffany

All the rest are taught by Ms. Debbie.

 The following Core Curriculum classes are 45 min. for 15 weeks (except for Young Child which is 60 min.).   For an overview of how the Core Curriculum meets the needs of children at each stage from infancy up to 7 years old, please click here.

Click on the class logo for links to videos and program descriptions.  Or get class details, and enroll right away, at my website,


No classes are scheduled during school holidays, so the last 2 classes are first 2 weeks of Jan. 

Village Logo————– Babies ————

                         Infants up to 19 months   

                       Wed. 9:30     Thurs. 12:30

Do-Si-Do  (Feel the beat with the Waltz, the Tango, the Cha Cha, and more…)  (8 weeks) 

Feathers  (Celebrate the migrating birds and the Fall changes through song and dance.)      (2nd semester starts 11/4)    

Our Time

————- Toddlers ————-

                 (1 ½ – 3 ½  yrs)     

Tues.  10 30 am.  with Ms. Tiffany

Wed. 10:30  &  11:30 am.   

                                                             Thurs. 9:30  &  10:30  am.  

  Wiggles & Giggles Semester Themes: Bath time fun and water themes, self discovery & love between family and friends)            

IT Logo———— Preschoolers ———-

                           (3 – 5 yrs) 

         Wed. 1:30     Thurs. 11:30

  See What I Saw  Theme: Park play in every way:  playground, nature discovery, picnics & more !

Kindermusik for the Young Child—— Kindergarten / First Grade ——

                          (5 – 7 yrs)

             Tues. 5:15 pm  – Sem. 1

  In this 2 year music education program, students gain a strong foundation for basic music theory, instilling a passion for learning music and preparing them for success in formal music studies.  Knowledge and skill development includes read/writing rhythms and notation, ensemble development, playing 3 instruments (the glockenspiel, dulcimer, and recorder), learning the instruments of the orchestra and introduction to several composers, learning about cultural music from around the world, and so much more.  Please contact Debbie for more detailed information.

————-  Second Saturdays ———–

9:30 am.   Babies:  1 – 24 months.

10:30 am.  Families:  1 – 5 yrs (this is flexible)

Fabulous one-time events based on seasonal and child friendly themes.  Scheduled for the 2nd Sat. of every month, starting in Sept.

Sept. 10 –   Babies:  Mister Sun (sunshiny goodness)   Families:  Tub Tunes

Oct. 8 –       Annual Pumpkin Party

Nov. 12 –   Winter Wonderland

Dec. 10  –   Bake, Build, and Sing:  Gingerbread HOUSES !

Family Time Logo———— Families ———-

                    (1 – 5 yrs) 

    If interested, contact Debbie for a survey to determine the most desired time.

  Make Way for Music  Theme:  Learn about and experience music concepts through song and movement.  Listen and learn about instruments of the orchestra. 

We also may be creating some new options for families.  If one of the above  doesn’t work for your family, but you want to see something that does, PLEASE talk to me !   If there is enough interest in a particular program at a particular time, we will do our best to accomodate !

 Enrollment can be completed on my website, http://musiconnx.yourvirtuoso.com , and/or contact Debbie at musiconnx@att.net or 816-8835.  If you have questions, please leave a phone number so we can speak personally.  I’d really like to meet the needs of your family.

Pay in full for the entire semester by the first day of class, and get the chance to choose a prize out of the DRUM !   May include Free CD, Free Download Card, instruments, scarves, Discount Card for Tuition, etc.

To clarify Enrollment Discounts, Payment Plans, and my perspective on providing options for ALL families, see my Blog Page about Payments.

2011 Winter Calendar for Families

2011 Jan / Feb   Important Dates for Families 

  For more details on Kindermusik Events,

Check the Music Connections Website


Saturday, Jan. 8  – Saturday Family Events    (1-7 yrs. old)

9:30 – NEW Family Time Semester – Each 2nd Sat. for 5 months 

                      “Here, There, & Everywhere”  


10:45 –  Family Event:  1x only for new families                  

                       “Kitchen Commotion”



Jan. 7 – 16    Annual Buffalo Pow Wow  @ Auburndale Marketworld  

                      Native American music, dancing, art, etc.

                     (Ms. Debbie says “This is a MUST SEE local event !”)



———— Free Demo Days at InTune Studios ——– 

Jan. 18 – 19   Art and Literacy  –  Demo Class   “Snow Daze”

                                    with Carolyn Espina     Call: 937-7782

Tues.       9:30 am – Little Van Goghs  (1 – 3 yrs)

 Wed.       2:30 pm – PeeWee Picassos (3 – 5 yrs)


Jan. 18    Baby Sign Language – Demo class

                                    with Tiffany Stokes    Call: 937-7782

Tues.      11:00 am.  Kindermusik Sign & Sing   (6 – 36 months)


Jan. 19 – 20       Kindermusik Demo Classes

                                    with Debbie Mondale     Call: 816-8835

 Wed .     9:30 am.  Village    (infants to 18 mths)

                  11:30 am   Our Time  (1 1/2 – 3 1/2 yrs)

                   1:30 pm   Imagine That  (3 – 5 yrs)


Thurs.   11:30 am  Imagine That (3 – 5 yrs)

                   12:30 pm  Village (infants to 18 mths) 


If your child seems ready, try out the next level program,

OR, bring a FRIEND to share free class.

 Register for the Demo class on my website.


Jan. 20  –  Group Vocal Class Demo

                                     with Tiffany Stokes    Call: 937-7782

Thurs. 4:30 pm.   Young Voices    (5 – 12 yrs)



————– Kindermusik Spring Semester ————–



Feb. 5-6     SPRING Kindermusik Semester Starts

                                   Enroll & pay early to save your place !!!

                                   Some classes already FULL !  See Website.

                                   Or contact Debbie:  musiconnx@att.net  


Feb. 6        ISO “Cookie Concert”    early afternoon     

                                     @ Youkey Theatre – Lakeland Center

                      (Ms. Debbie says “This is a MUST SEE local event !”)


If you know of other events you believe should be on this calendar, please let me know.  Thanks !

Watch Out – Spontaneous Housecleaning May Occur

Whether it’s “Dust, Dust, Dust”, or “We are clothes in the Washing Machine”, our families are learning some great songs and activities that help make the cleaning up routines at home something to look forward to. 

In the Family Time program, Our Kind of Day, and the Our Time program, Milk & Cookies, children become actively engaged in real life issues, but in a more playful way.  Amazingly, when they think cleaning is fun, and got some good tunes to go with it, they are more likely to start some spontaneous housecleaning at home.  (Mine has, and many other mothers are reporting the same phenomenon.) 

The “Put Your Things Away” song that we use in ALL of our Kindermusik classes to encourage children to put their things away has generated SOO many comments from parents – like “As soon as my son hears this song, he starts putting his things away.”  “That song works miracles at my house.”  “My baby just LOVES that song, and it helps soothe her to sleep.” – That comment was made just this week in my Village class.

The “In My House” song has also generated it’s share of comments from parents.  This semester, homes throughout the United States, as well as 60 other countries, have little children with dust cloths in their hands trying to dust anything they can reach.  The repetative rhthmic ostinato of “Dust, dust, dust…   ”  makes a soothing backdrop for the melody to be sung above it, and it is so easy for the children to sing along and feel confident in their abilities.  The repetitive phrase also tends to help keep them focused on the task – well, mostly, they are children after all.

I simply love to put on CDs of upbeat music while going about the cleaning process.  We dance and sing, and may not be as quick about it, but it is done with a more joyful spirit.  Of course, there are several Kindermusik CDs which have great “cleaning” sections (two are listed above).   My favorite music, other than Kindermusik, is actually Benny Goodman, or some other big band jazz music to get me bouncing along to the task.  And I come up with more fun ways to engage my children in the tasks at hand. 

  • “Can we get all the clean dishes put away by the time this song ends?”
  • Folding clean laundry together often ends up in a sock tossing contest of some sort.
  • And there MUST be dancing celebrations upon completions of each task.  Well, there IS a lot more floor room for that now.

When done right, children take pride in their ability to contribute to the workings of the home, they feel “useful”, like “Thomas, the useful little engine” takes such pride in his work.  They can do more than is believed that they can do, given the right tools, and proper training in the tasks. 

Two year olds, and older 1 year olds) can help set the table, put their shoes, or toys, away in a specific box, put their dirty clothes directly into a hamper (my son called it the laundry “hamster” for the longest time – I didn’t correct him.)  Two year olds should be given ONE request at a time (don’t confuse them with multi-step directions).

Three year olds can sort the dinnerware into the drawer (matching the pieces correctly).  They can START to help match the socks, and fold the smaller towels – AND put them in the right drawer.  Three year olds CAN follow 3 – 4 step directions, like “Please, fold these towels and go put them in the kitchen drawer, then come touch my shoulder and I’ll give you a spinning hug!”   Setting up the last request as a return to the parent provides them a “finishing touch”, some recognition for their achievement, and gives parents a way to know that it was done.

Four year olds, and every age after that, can do more and more.  A good friend of mine purchased a little hand held vaccuum cleaner for each of his daughters at the age of 4, so they could easily help clean up messes that were made.  And they LOVED having their OWN vacuum, in the color of their choice, to use in the cleaning process.  They would race to see who could get their vacuum out first.  Children thrive on having their own real tools, in their size, for the job at hand.

I personally believe that it is important for them to realize that as they get older, they are allowed to learn additional responsibilities that will help them become successful adult when the time comes.

On my son’s 3rd Birthday, he had a wonderful birthday, and recieved many wonderful things.  He also recieved his first family chore of sorting the clean silverware while I emptied the rest of the dishwasher. 

On his 4th birthday, he learned that his new family responsibility was to sort and put away all the socks for the family.  And each birthday thereafter, he has received a new responsibility.  These are added to the previous responsibilities, instead of replacing them.  Although, some of the earlier responsibilities were given to his little sister when she became the right age.

I truly believe that being a useful part of the family in this way helps to build a family team that works together to support each other, and build bonds that sustain them during hard times, gives them the skills and feelings of personal responsibility that they need to lead sucessful lives.  It also helps them learn how to pass these skills along to their children as well.

Kindermusik Saturdays keep Families Swinging and Singing

Kindermusik Saturdays

ONE Saturday a month, we will offer individual events based on FUN themes that relate to the month.  ALL of these events are listed on my website, and you can register ONLINE (or by contacting me).  Please register so you can reserve your place in class (participation is limited), and so I know how many people to plan for.  Fun crafts will be involved some months, and other surprises are in store for all who attend.  These Saturday Events are facilitated by DEBBIE MONDALE,   and usually on the 3rd Sat. of each month in Lakeland. 

October Events – Changed to 4th Saturday – Oct. 25th

Location:  In Tune Studios

10:00 am – I LOVE you to the MOON – (for families with BABIES up to 18 months)  There are SO many wonders of the night that are celebrated with beautiful and fun music, as well as dancing and pretend play. Lots of fun with flashlights.

11:00 am. – PUMPKIN PARTY – (for FAMILIES with one or more children from babies up to 7 years old.)  In our pretend garden, we grow the BIGGEST pumpkins and enjoy songs, stories, lap bounces, and circle dances that celebrate this unique vegetable.  And we’ll even decorate our own pumpkins with fun materials.


Speaking of Pumpkins and Moons, I recently recieved THIS Picture !  I HOPE that it is not taken offensively, since it is just pumpkins after all.  I think it is quite creative and is an amazing feat of defying gravity.  I don’t know about you, but I see the same grin from my 4 year old daughter as she streaks around after her bath.  If ANYONE feels this is offensive, please email me and I will take it off right away.

November 15, 2008

10:00 am. – 12:00 pm  – Native American PowWow  – At Explorations V – Ancestors & Heroes Day

If you walked into my house, you would really wonder if my background is purely Native American.  I’m actually Polish, but I LOVE so many of the aspects of the Native American people, their philosophies about man and their interactive place in nature, and their traditions that hold them together as a supportive family group.  Their art and their music help me find peace in this very busy world.  I will bring my PowWow Drum, my bamboo flute, and the music and songs I have gathered to help share the world of these people with the children and families who attend.


Moving and Grooving with your whole Family on THIRD Saturdays

Parents often WANT the Kindermusik experience for their family, but are often unable to participate due to a variety of factors.  For many families these days, both parents are working during the typical time that Kindermusik is scheduled (during the day on weekdays).   The time with their children is precious, even more so because it is limited.  One of the moms in my Family Time class has told me that even though the situation requires their children to be at a childcare or preschool facility, she still wants to have that special experience of being there when her child is participating in a new learning experience… Something unique that really makes their time together special.   There is so much of what NEEDS to be done each day, it is hard to stop and take the time to focus on each child, to watch the joy of learning spark in their eyes.

“Kindermusik has been that special time for us, when I get to help my child learn something new.  Then we get to use these ideas, songs and activities at home, and throughout the next month.  And because much of it is unique, it is like a special secret that we share within our family, and it helps us grow closer.  Kindermusik is something we ALL enjoy, even our baby.”

This is some of the many reasons Kindermusik International designed the Family Time program.  It is designed for families with one or more children of a variety of ages (infants up to 7 years old).  Because of requests from both working families, and families with multiple ages of children, my program in Lakeland, Florida, is offering it every 3rd Saturday of the month, at 10:30 am. for 5 months.


Kindermusik Family Time

  • Families enroll for a full semester:  60 min. class each month for 5 months
  • A full semester comes with a full set of materials: music, books, instruments, games, and puppets

 “Moving & Grooving”

The Summer / Fall Semester, “Moving & Grooving” is a romping, rolling, stretching good time for the whole family. This ten-lesson unit of Family Time will explore lots of different ways to move—high and low, fast and slow, zigzag, curvy, and more. Family members will chug around the classroom like trains, clip-clop like horses, and roll over like puppy dogs. They’ll hear a story about playing tag together in Can You Catch Me?, and read about a jungle hokey-pokey in Put Your Left Paw In.   Through music, movement, instrument play, and prop play, we explore the contrasting concepts of five different elements of music, and of life:
  • Tempo (fast and slow)
  • Levels (high and low)
  • Pathways (straight, curvy, zig zag, and much more)
  • Weight (light or heavy)
  • Energy (sharp or smooth)

As with all Kindermusik programs, it comes with a high quality set of materials, but the Family Time sets are overly full with WONDERFUL tools that encourage continued enjoyment and learning outside of the classroom.  Each family only needs ONE kit, as it has:

  • TWO CDs full of high quality music,
  • TWO children’s literature books,
  • Sing, Play & Grow! A Family Guide to Musical Fun,
  • TWO instruments (monkey den-den drums),
  • TWO puppets (featuring RASCAL the monkey),
  • AND a game (A Jellybean Band Card Game that gets you moving!) 

Come and enjoy the musical fun together with your children.  It will build beautiful memories within you and your children, and you will be amazed at how musical your lives will become.   

PLEASE register in advance, as space is limited.

Contact Debbie: 816-8835 or musiconnx@att.net 

or register directly on my website: http://musiconnx.kindermusik.com

Reflections of Spring: Family Time in Winter Haven

The Kindermusik Family Time semester, Make Way for Music, is the fourth installment in the Family Time series, and completes the set of puppet characters from the Jelly Bean band with Rex, the Lion.  More importantly, it has been an excellent introduction, and vehicle for families to explore the many aspects of music with their children.  Mrs. Bernadette has offered a musical haven for families with her sweet demeanor and gentle way of engaging the children in the activities.  The following pictures celebrate their time together this semester, and the conclusion of this phase of Kindermusik in the Winter Haven area.  Due to the interests of her daughter, whom she is home schooling, Mrs. Bernadette will be taking a break from teaching Kindermusik for awhile to support her daughter in a Marine Biology program. 

Monday Night Class

 [rockyou id=115358953&w=426&h=320]

Tuesday Morning Class

[rockyou id=115359652&w=426&h=320]

To the Kindermusik families in the Winter Haven area, Thank You for sharing your families with us.  May your lives have a strong steady beat of consistency, as well as the rhythms of sponteneity and joyfullness.  May your homes be filled with happy musical voices, and may your family grow together to blend like the instruments of the orchestra when they play so fully together.  I do wish you all the best!  And please stay in touch, as I am working on several new options for the Winter Haven families.

Make Way for Kindermusik in Winter Haven

Kindermusik Family Time

Spring Semester in Winter Haven

February 11-12 through April 2008


  • Family Time classes are 1 hour, once a week, for 10 weeks. 

  • Class Times offered:  Monday Nights at 6 pm.  and Tues. Mornings at 10:30 am.

  • Bernadette Murray  facilitates these fabulous family moments

Make Way For Music 

In the fourth semester of Family Time, Make Way for Music, our Jelly Bean Band becomes complete, as Rex, the lion (puppets), join the parade.    Families will sing, dance, and move their way through an exploration of several elements of music:

  1. beat and rhythm (instrument play and dancing to steady and different rhythms)
  2. concepts and contrasts (such as staccato and legato, high and low, the major scale, and arpeggios),
  3. the human voice (exploring vocal sounds, and playing with nonsense words)
  4. instrument families (listening, exploring sounds, & songs about instruments)
  5. ensemble development  (explore ideas such as SOUND EFFECTS in story telling, playing the instrument at the right time in the music, etc.)



As in all the Family Time programs, families engage in developmentally appropriate activities that all ages can enjoy together, including fingerplays, songs, circle dances, story time, and family jam.   The teacher provides a variety of options for children to participate in their own way, and provides developmental information for parents to understand the underlying benefits of these creative activities using music.  Music is a very powerful learning tool – Come see the many ways it can enhance your family life.

Make Way for MusicIn the At Home Materials, families will receive:

  • two fingerdrums,

  • one Sing, Play, & Grow home activity guide,

  • two children’s storybooks (Drum Circle and Animals on Parade),

  • a hand puppet and finger puppet of Rex (the lion member of the Jellybean Band),

  • and an instrument-matching board game.


Get the family band together, and Make Way for Music!  Enroll NOW to save a place in this class for your family.  

To find out more, or register for a class, go to http://musiconnx.kindermusik.net .  Or contact Debbie at  musiconnx@att.net  or  816-8835.