Music Connections

 Ms Debbie’s LapYou found me!  I LOVE bringing the magic of music into the lives of children and families.  Of course, Kindermusik is my favorite method of doing this because the parents are so involved in the music process, in class, and in their daily lives.

Music Connections is based in Lakeland, Florida, and offers the many different programs from Kindermusik, as well as Birthday Parties, Teacher Inservices, Parenting classes, and more.  Please see my website, for more details on the Kindermusik programs, and email me at if you have questions or want to talk about the variety of services offered.


My name on wall at KI

I’m quite proud that Music Connections has earned the status of Kindermusik  Maestro every year since 2002, indentifying my program as one of the top 5% of programs worldwide.

Please follow these links to find out more about:

Debbie Mondale – a little story of how Ms. Debbie came to be.

– The philosophy behind Music Connections – why I started this business, and named it based on my beliefs

That is why I gave you a 10 – Feedback from parents about Kindermusik with Ms. Debbie

Payments are EASY and can fit YOUR budget – discusses payment plan options, like dividing the tuition payments over 4 months.

Sibling Discounts – is a perfect review for parents with more than one child to understand the general parameters which help make it affordable.

Gift Certificates are available to purchase that can cover some or all of a semester of Kindermusik.  This page describes a variety of options.

This short video has me explaining WHY I like to teach Kindermusik, and shows a bit of my enthusiasm (although I had a bit of laryngitis at the time – my actual voice is much different).

It is sincerely my goal, with my services, including this blog to provide a lot of information and inspiration to my families in Kindermusik, as well as those who are not participating, and that it helps bring the joy and magic of music into the lives of families everywhere.

Merry Melodies,  Debbie Mondale

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  1. Hi Debbie! Wanted to let you know that even though Justin has not been in a class for awhile that we still listen to our music and read our books. He is still in love with trains and planes. Would love to know what you have planned for the summer. Amy Bourdeau

  2. Thank You

  3. Hi,

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