Share the Love – First set of Winners

Thanks to all who were the first entries in our Share the Love Give-a-Way !!!  See my previous blog for more details about how to enter, as well as the fun events that are coming up this weekend, like the Kids Night Out on Friday, and the Playdate, and Studio Free Play on Saturday.  Many of the following winners made their comments on the All-Inclusive Registration Form, as they let us know which events they wanted to attend !

There were wonderful comments shared by many families to answer the questions, ” We Love Kindermusik because…”

*******   Here’s some of the fun that our friends had to share:

Don’t know who had more fun with the Sign & Sing class, Mama, Papa or baby!  – Skarrn & Rolando (1)

We love Kindermusik because the programs are developmentally-designed for my children! Everything is age-appropriate, which is wonderful! Miss Debbie is a beautiful teacher! I would not be interested in anyone but her!  –  Amy, Logan (5), and Mya (2)

See the picture she put on the Music Connections Facebook Page !  The funny part is that each child is playing the instrument that the OTHER one got in their classes.  Happy little musicians !  (Ms. Debbie’s comments)

My son and I have only been to two classes but we fall in love with it more each time. With having more then one child it’s nice to spend some one on one time while still learning and having fun with others!  –  Nikki  & Guage (20 months)

Aidan loves kindermusik! The classes have not only helped him develop confidence. The music has opened a whole new venue for communication. He looks forward to learning and participating in new things.  –  Jillyan & Aidan (2)

I don’t think Emery has ever been as entranced by a song as he has been by the Jack-in-the-Box song this semester.  He listens to it over and over and over.  We are now trying to figure out how to make one of our own–I found a really cool idea today…hopefully, we’ll have something to show you soon.   Emery insisted on putting our Kindermusik decal on our glass door, like yours is at class.  We would also love to put one on our car, if you have any more.  –  Jaime & Emery (3)

I love learning how to play a new instrument !     – Mattie (6)

*********   Awww… thanks everyone !  *******************

Drum Roll… please….   And the winners are… randomly generated !

In order to effectively use a random system to determine the winners, I used .  All persons qualified to enter were included in the drawing before making the final draw.

See the details of the give-a-way, AND a list of the winners by clicking the link.


Thanks for Sharing the LOVE !

There will be additional drawings in our Share the LOVE week at InTune Studios.  Check the details on the blog posting:  Share the Love Week  Then take YOUR opportunity to Share the Love for Kindermusik, Music, and Art at InTune Studios, and get a chance to win one of our fabulous prizes…  like the cool Gertie Ball, or a $40 gift certificate for Kindermusik Tuition !

“Share the Love” and get a chance to win a prize

People around the world are sharing their love !   “We LOVE Kindermusik Week” is being celebrated around the world.   Here at InTune Studios, we are extending the love to include our music and art lessons… and our students ! 

We LOVE YOU because YOU allow us to see music and art blossom in the hearts and minds of your children.  It is why we do what we do.  

We invite you to share in this celebration of love for Kindermusik, music, and art !   Every week, many families share with us why they love our programs, and we just want to share these wonderful stories with everyone !

Check out “Kids and Parents Love Kindermusik because…” or this We Love Kindermusik Video

SHARE the LOVE you have for Kindermusik, Music, and/or Art at InTune Studios, through your comments, stories, art work, and/or pictures of your adorable musical child and family.

Each time you do, Feb. 3 – 18th, you will be entered to win one of the prizes we are offering:

EACH of the following gets you a separate entry in this Share the Love give-a-way:

  • LIKE our Facebookpage, and Post your comments, and/or pictures of your adorable musical or artistic children:
    • Music Connections Like us on Facebook
    • InTune Studios Like us on Facebook
    • Lakeland Kids Art & Violin Like us on Facebook
  • Add your comments and/or pictures to the comment section of THIS BLOG POST !
  • Email your comments and/or pictures to .
  • Add your comments on our ALL-Inclusive Form, as you register for a Share the Love Event.  For more details about our Kindermusik Playdates, InTune Studios FREE PLAY, or the Friday Night Music and Art Kids Night Out, see the newsletter
  • Decorate your vehicle with one of our We LOVE Kindermusik window clings and show Ms. Debbie (take a picture and send it to me via text, email, post on my FB page, or drag me out to look at it !)  Everyone participating in any Kindermusik class last week or this week will get a free We Love Kindermusik window cling.  You just have to clean a small space on your car and apply it !
  • Decorate your “We Love Kindermusik” Coloring Page (given in class) and bring it to class so I can hang it up on my wall!
  • Join us during the Studio FREE PLAY and:
    • make a video of your family as you share your family’s thoughts, story, or a favorite song.
    • Create some Wall Art for our Studio sharing why you love music and/or art at our studio

Prizes to be awarded during EACH of the FREE PLAY events – to be chosen from all entries that are NOT online: 

  • 2 Kindermusik Ball Prizes – choose Gertie Ball or Village Chime Ball
  • 2 Art Sets including paints and brushes, etc.
  • 2 Best of Kindermusik CDs (or may choose download of 10 songs)
  • ONE Special Do-Re-Me & You Music Set – (choice of 3 options shown at the studio)

Prizes to be Awarded on Feb. 19th to be chosen from all online entries: 

  • 3 FREE FAMILY PASSES that can be used for ANY:
  •        –   Kindermusik Playdate, including materials  (offered monthly)
  •        –   InTune Studios Music and Art Kids Night Out  (offered monthly)
  •        –   InTune Studios MUSIC or ART Workshop  (part of summer schedule)
  • $40 Gift Certificate for Tuition for any Kindermusik program, including Summer Camps

So… now is a great time to make your first entry.  Comment on this blog post to share your thoughts and/or post a picture of your musical family.