Music Connections offers ALL of the Kindermusik Core Curricullum, as well as many of the Supplemental Curriculum,  all developed through extensive research into music education and child development by the creative team at Kindermusik International.   

ALL of these types of programs include music and materials to take home, because we know the parent is the primary teacher.  We give you the tools and ideas to take home and use music to help your child learn, and to balance music into your family’s daily routines.

The Music Connections Website lists the wide range of programs available.  Click on the FALL, SPRING, or SUMMER semester icon to see the schedule of programs available, their details, including materials, fees, and there is the ease of the ability to register online.

The following blog pages allow me to paint a larger picture of how the programs relate to each other, as well as offer more specific details of each program. 

Click on Kindermusik’s Core Curriculum for an overview to see how these 4 programs provides age-specific programming for children from infancy up to 7 years old, developed to enhance their musical and learning needs each step of the way.     Click on the link of the following program(s), to see a video introduction of the program and get more details on the home materials, and the themes of each of the semesters offered. 

Kindermusik has also developed other Supplemental Curriculum to meet other specific needs for which families have expressed interest.  See below for a brief description and links for more details about these unique programs.   CONTACT Debbie if you are interested in these programs.  If there is enough interest, we will do our best to add to our schedule.

  • Family Time –  1 – 5 years (flexible)
  • Sign and Sing –  – 6 – 36 months
  • Kindermusik Playdates–  Babies, Families, or Preschoolers
  • ABC Music and Me –  2 – 4 years, and 4 – 6 yrs
  • Summer Adventure Camps  – Babies, Families, Preschoolers, Big Kids


Supplemental Curriculum Overview  (these links take you directly to the descriptions on my website for the most up to date look at what is available right now.  No videos are available for these offerings.)

Kindermusik Playdates – Babies, Families, and sometimes more…

These one-time events are offered on the 2nd Sat. of each month, as well as a few uniquely scheduled times, in order to offer a unique opportunity to families who LOVE to get new music and ideas that are specific to a seasonal theme.  The theme and activities are based around a set of music and songs on a creative theme (such as our Annual Pumpkin Party).  Families take home the music, as well as an instrument, book, or prop so the fun and learning can continue.  Because this is a one-time event, it leaves more responsibility to the parents to continue the musical process of learning at home, without the additional repetitions and generalizations that occur through several weeks of a core-curriculum class.

Kindermusik Sign and Sing    6 – 36 months

The Sign and Sing program helps families with young children develop communication skills by learning specific strategies, using American Sign Language, to help their child to understand better, to express themselves instead of getting frustrated, and to cognitively group and/or compare concepts.

Family Time  1 – 5  years old (flexible)  

The Family Time program is designed for families who want to enjoy the benefits of participating in classes designed for the WHOLE family to enjoy, including many different ages.  In these classes, siblings learn new ways to interact with each other, and fun ways to use music throughout the typical routines of the day.  This is musical parenting at its fullest !  This class may even be offered on weeknights or weekends, as families show interest in specific times.

ABC Music and Me    2 – 4 years, and 4 – 6 years.

Both of these programs were developed by Kindermusik International to offer high quality music classes in Preschool environments.  As licensed educators, we also have the option to use these curriculum in the studio setting in creative ways.  For example, during the summer of 2011, we offered the “Splash” semester which included a MUSIC class, and an integrated ART class.

Summer Adventure Camps  – Babies, Families, Preschoolers, Big Kids

These include a variety of perfect shorter semester with engaging themes, and art, as well as musical activities.  With the home materials, it acts as a spring board for fun learning all throughout the summer.  There are different ADVENTURE programs offered for each age group.


Please contact Debbie to visit a class for free.  The best way to know if it is right for you and your family is to see it in action !  Families are also welcome to try out a class for the next level up in the core curriculum.

There is a LOT of information available online for those who like to read, or watch videos of the different programs.  But I am also happy to personally chat with you and just get you the details for what is right for your family.  Just call Debbie at 863-816-8835.


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