Customer Info.

THANKS so much for enrolling in a Kindermusik program with Music Connections!!!   This is THE online place to coordinate ALL the information you will need to support your successful experience.

Each of the following issues is very important, Please read over the materials, and click on the following colored LINKS to access further important information.

Communication is a critical aspect of getting the MOST from your Kindermusik experience.  I need to communicate with you, and strongly encourage you to communicate with me.  We will all benefit.  AND you may want to communicate with others in your class.  Many long term friendships have started in Kindermusik.  With that in mind, I know that everyone has different needs, or BEST ways to communicate.  Here are some of the methods I offer:

  • Weekly Emails – Each enrolled family receives this email which reviews critical developmental topics from class; provides reminders for things to bring; may include enhancement ideas, and links to further resources.  I highly recommend you have access to a computer weekly where you can access this email, or have someone print it for you.
  • I will have, in class, and easy way for you to request: 
  •           – hard copies of WEEKLY EMAILS, etc.
  •           – PHONE CALLs  for important messages. 
  • Music Connections Facebook Page :  If you Facebook, PLEASE become a FAN, and join in the conversation about inspiring quotes, personal stories of musical magic, local resources and events for children, tackling parenting issues, and MORE.  Get the FIRST NOTIFICATION of upcoming events, and even some sweet discounts !  I will also be sharing pictures of families willing to let me share (permission based).

CALENDAR !  This includes all the dates during the semester that class is scheduled.  IF THERE ARE CHANGES, this will be the FIRST to be updated.  For example, if school is closed due to a hurricaine, check here for adjustments to the schedule.

IMPORTANT DOCUMENTS to complete upon enrollment.  These are links to these documents in PDF format.  Please print them out, complete them, and bring them to Debbie on the 1st day of class.  (OK, I really don’t know how to attach PDFs on my blog.  I will send them to you in an email for now, and have them available in class.  If someone knows how, please HELP!  Thanks.)

  • Family Information Sheet – to be completed ONCE upon initial enrollment.  PLEASE bring to 1st day of class. 
  • Child Information Sheet – to be completed ONCE per YEAR that the child is enrolled.  This will help keep me updated on the child’s interests, and any thing I need to know to help their experience be successful.  I also add a picture or two with this for my records.

Please note the following as my Kindermusik “Policies”:

1.       Interact with your child and HAVE FUN.

2.       Help reduce distractions for your child and others.

3.       Be respectful of others and the location, and help your child learn to do so.

4.       Enjoy the home materials to extend the learning outside of class.

5.       Make sure your payments are complete by the end of the semester.

6.       TALK to your educator, and/or Debbie if you have ANY questions or concerns.

That’s IT – that’s ALL my rules.  PLEASE refer to the posting, Making the Most of Your Kindermusik Experience –  For ALL Families !!!  PLEASE READ !!!   It adds details and ideas to the above “policies”, and really can make a difference.  Whether you have a child that is extremely shy, a playful participator, or an extremely active explorer of the environment, these ideas will help you make the most of your Kindermusik experience.


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