Kindermusik in Winter Haven – A survey for you

I am thrilled at the level of interest from families to have Kindermusik programs offered in Winter Haven.  More and more families are recognizing the value of music in the lives of their children and families, and want to have it more accessible. 
I am excited to once again work with the wonderful families around Winter Haven, but I want to make sure to plan effectively for those families who are interested.  This survey will help me determine what times and programs are best for families, as well as a few other details.
There are several options that I mention in the survey that will be easier for you to review before you take the survey.
Kindermusik Playdate – This is a one-time event, up to an hour of fun musical activities, and includes music and 1 prop or instrument so parents can continue the fun and learning at home. These are currently scheduled on the 2nd Sat. of each month in the Lakeland location.  The next event is on October 8.  See the details on my blog:  Party with the Pumpkins 
  • A Playdate can be scheduled at a location of your choice, at a time that works for you and your group of friends.  (as it fits in my schedule)  (If interested, add it to your comments)
  • A Playdate can be scheduled by me at a central location at a time that many families find convenient.  (That’s why I need your feedback.)
Kindermusik Adventures –  Includes 5 weekly classes, up to an hour of fun musical activities based on a theme, and includes music, props, instruments, and materials so parents can continue the fun and learning at home.  The musical process is greatly enhanced for children when they have the opportunity to get familiar with the music, and have a chance to get accostomed to the routines of regularly structured music classes.  We can set this up so the cost can be divided into 2 monthly payments.  I’d like to offer the following programs in October/November at a central location at a time that many families find convenient.  
For Babies (2 – 18 months):  Peek-A-Boo, I LOVE You !
Babies and mommies (or daddies, or grandmas) simply LOVE this semester full of traditional songs and activities that babies and their loving adults play to connect with each other.  These unique songs may come from all over the world, but the result is the same – building strong family bonds and laying a strong foundation for learning in Baby’s brain.
For Families (1 – 4 years – flexible):  Creatures in My Back Yard
I’d love to offer this semester of delightfully engaging songs and activities about the birds, bugs, pets, and wild critters that may be found in your yard or nearby park. Children have a natural connection with these creatures, and these songs and activities build and expand on this knowledge base.  But what you see is a happy child exploring the world around them in new and unique musical ways.
So PLEASE respond, and complete this survey right away !!!!
so I can use your feedback to schedule programs that work for as many families as possible.  

In the Spring, we may look at the option of 10 week semesters, so we can consider the Family Time program.  In this case, we can extend the fun and learning, and are able to lower the average cost per class.

THANK you for participating in the survey.  I look forward to hearing from you, and being able to determine the best way to bring Kindermusik to Winter Haven.

East Polk County, Florida, is singing and dancing in 2009!

Chugging into the Zoo Station is Ally-Ally-O !    The Super Spring Semester in Winter Haven, featuring the Zoo Train Semester is HERE!    Classes started Feb. 2-3, and we had a grand time on our first day of class.  There is still room in our Monday Night class.  And we are looking to make a class work on Tuesdays at 9:30.   Late enrollments are accepted, and tuition will be prorated for just the remaining classes.

There is one last FREE Kindermusik event at the Haines City Library, Wed. Feb. 18th at 10:00 am.  Amy will be there with her wonderful wild tales, tails, and all this fun music.

Winter Haven Kindermusik Dates
Sawyer - eggs


See more details, on the Winter Haven Kindermusik Page 
Please register for the events at V.I.P. Kids by replying to this email, or calling Debbie at 816-8835.  See the schedule below.
Just come join us for the other events.  Call if you need details. 
Amy and I hope to see you soon!

VIP Kids now hosting Kindermusik in Winter Haven

Kindermusik in Winter Haven is moving right down the road to V.I.P. Kids, located at the end of the right arm of the shops at High Pointe Plaza on Cypress Gardens Blvd.

high-pointe     vip-kids

During the second week of December, we are offering FREE CLASSES.  Contact Debbie at for an email with the details.

The Kindermusik Spring Semester starts during the first week of January.  We are offering 3 programs:

  • Village – babies up to 18 months – Unit:  Zoom Buggy !  All about things that GO!
  • Family Adventures – 1 1/2 – 4 years old – Unit:  Zoo Train  – fun for the whole family.
  • ABC Music & Me – 4 – 6 year olds – An movement oriented approach to basic music theory through studying musical cultures from around the world.  Check it out!
  • Program schedule and details are available on my website,

giftsCurrently, there is a wonderful display of the upcoming Kindermusik programs and the home materials.  A Kindermusik Semester would make a GREAT GIFT, and Kindermusik Gift Certificates are available to purchase on site (or you can contact me!).  Grandparents can see the products and learn about the programs – they love to give gifts that last!

There are also Musical Gift Baskets to GO, great for under the tree, that include music and fun movement props, as well as a FREE CLASS Coupon, and a $10 Gift Certificate.


A few months ago, when Amy and I were doing a Kindermusik Demo for an Art Expo at the WH Library, we met Sandy.  She and her 5 yr. old son and 8 yr. old daughter were truly enjoying the musical activities.  After the presentation Sandy approached us and shared with us that she was moving her fine clothing boutique to a new location.  In the new space, there was enough room to include a small “center for the arts”, including instruction in art, etiquette, and modeling for young children.  She is very dedicated to providing opportunities for young children to thrive through participating in artistic studies.  She was very excited with the Kindermusik program and could see how our goals are so similar.  Through the past several months, she has moved in to her new location at High Pointe Plaza (right next to Cypress Gardens Amusement Park), and she is truly enjoying watching her aspirations come alive.

Please go meet Sandy, and let her show you where we will be enjoying our Kindermusik classes.  We’ll have some nice cushy carpets to sit on, in her well-lit, very clean space.  Amy and I are very excited to facilitate magical Kindermusik moments with you and your family in this fabulous location.

Kindermusik: Easy, and within your Budget

Enrolling for a Kindermusik program is easy, and payments CAN be adjusted to fit your budget.

I KNOW these are tough economic times for everyone.  But, as many of my families will will confirm, I HATE for finances to get in the way of this awesome opportunity. 

I BELIEVE sooo much in the processes of Kindermusik, and the positive influences it can have on daily family life.  So I am offering a variety of options to make it possible for families to work through the financial issues to ensure their child can participate in a learning process that will benefit them for life. 

1)  Email me at and we can discuss which class might be best for your child.  This is highly recommended, as there are details about the classes that may be important that I cannot convey in mass messages.  We’ll make sure to get your child enrolled in the right program!  If we need to speak personally, please include your phone number, or I will include mine in the reply.  I LOVE to talk with my customers, it allows me to get to know you and your family better as we strive together to meet the needs of your child.

1 – online alternative)  If you already know which class you desire, you can enroll online on my website: .  Families can Sign In using their current email address, and a password that is personally chosen, then REGISTER a child for the program and time desired.  If you are having trouble with your password (as I do with some programs), please contact me, and I can reset your password, so you will have continued easy access for this process.

2)  Complete your enrollment by providing a payment within 5 days.  This initial payment must at least include the cost of the materials, so I can order them and have them available for the student on the first day of class.  Payment options are listed below.

Fall Payment Plans

Full Payment with Enrollment is always gladly accepted and appreciated.  For a Payment Plan, the following options are available.  The Deposit, in this case, is the cost of materials, and is included in the total cost listed for each program.  The materials cost for each program is different, so contact me for the exact amount, OR simply consider making the initial payment as $75, and the balance will be adjusted accordingly.

·         Option A: Deposit with Enrollment; Balance by the first class in September

·         Option B: Deposit with Enrollment; Balance split into two payments: 1st payment by the first class in September and second due by 10/05/08

·         Option C: Deposit with Enrollment; Balance split into three payments: 1st payment due by the first class in September; second and third payments due by 10/04/08 and 11/04/08.

·          Option D: Deposit with Enrollment; Balance split into four payments: 1st payment due by the first class in August; second, third, and fourth payments due by 10/04/08, 11/04/08 and 12/04/08.

Regardless of which option you choose, an initial $75 deposit for your child’s home materials is required, and the first installment is due by the date of your child’s first class in September.  In some instances, due to later registration, this might result in the home materials deposit and the first installment being due and payable at the same time.  The earlier your registration is received, the further you can stretch your payments – even over four months – from August to November!   Just as a point, I would prefer as few payments as possible – as it does take me time to process each one.  But I am willing to do so to make sure each family’s needs are met.

If you have any questions about which plan will work best for your situation, do not hesitate to contact me at .  I am always happy to work with any family to make Kindermusik possible for their child.

Amy Foltz brings fresh energy to Kindermusik in Winter Haven

Many families in Winter Haven will be missing Ms. Bernadette this semester.  As her Kindermusik families know, she home schools her daughter, Erica, who has taken an interest in Marine Biology!  There is a fabulous program offered that will allow Erica an in-depth study into this subject, complete with regular field trips to study and explore the natural habitat.  Unfortunately for us, these studies will prevent Ms. Bernadette from teaching for now.  We wish them both luck in their heart felt endeavors.  And we hope to see her back again soon.



Which brings us to the new face of Kindermusik in Winter Haven – Amy Foltz


Amy Foltz began bringing her 2 year old son, Logan, to Kindermusik when he was just about 6 months old.  Every week, she drove all the way from Winter Haven to Lakeland to make sure her son was in the program designed for his age group.  Right away, it was easy to see that she was a great mom, fully interacting with Logan, and taking his lead to interact in his own way, AND interacting in such creative ways with the many other children that would come her way.  I could always hear her singing along with a clear voice.  She learned the words quickly, so I knew she and Logan were listening to the music at home.  And from her comments, I KNEW they were continuing the learning at home.  Plus, she was always sending me pictures and telling me stories. 


Now, HERE is an enthusiastic personality – eager to learn, eager to share.  Perfect qualities for a Kindermusik educator.  When she learned that Ms. Bernadette wouldn’t be teaching for a bit, we chatted about her becoming an educator, and her enthusiasm almost exploded out of the room.  Although her career has been as a paralegal, music has never been far from her heart.  Here’s a bit of her story – in her words:   


As to my musical experiences, I started out singing at the age of 8 and continued through high school. I performed at various churches. I performed at my father’s wedding to my step-mother, which was very special. I participated in the 4H Talent show several years in a row and made it to the Indiana State Fair. I performed on the same stage as Vince Gill. I performed right before he took the stage. He is a nice man. For at least 4 years, I performed in musical competitions ranging from solos to quartets usually as a soprano. I often tried alto to increase my vocal range. I received blue ribbons on several occasions. On my honeymoon 8 years ago, Todd and I went on a cruise. He talked me into auditioning for the talent show. I performed “Don’t Cry for me Argentina” and won first place. It was very special to see Todd with tears in his eyes after I performed. My singing style is Broadway/contemporary. My idols are Celine Dion and Andrea Bocelli. My dream would be to meet them and perform a duet with Andrea Bocelli.”


She has now completed the full Kindermusik University course, and is bursting at the seams to get started teaching.  She is most interested in facilitating the programs for the youngest children, including Village, Our Time, and Adventures.


THIS FALL, at Xtreme Kids, she is offering:

   Village “Zoom Buggy” unit – celebrating all things that help your baby GO, GO, GO!

   Creatures at the Ocean unit – a full fledged fun adventure at the beach, and with ocean critters.


Welcome to Kindermusik, Amy !  May you find your days as a Kindermusik educator as truly special as your first semester of Kindermusik with Logan.

Beach and Ocean Play are coming Winter Haven Way

Kindermusik Ocean Adventures

aren’t just for the summer.


Creatures at the Ocean

will now be offered in Winter Haven, FL

for Fall Semester, starting Sept. 15-19.


Facilitated by Amy Foltz


Debbie Mondale of Music Connections , and our new educator, Amy Foltz are proud to offer the Creatures at the Ocean Adventure to the families of Winter Haven, and the surrounding communities. 

Creatures at the Ocean includes themes on the beach, at the shore, and in the ocean.  We get to have fun playing with sand, jumping over the waves, going for boat rides, and swimming with the whales and dolphins through musical movement and imaginative play activities.  Whether you are at the beach, at home, or driving in the car, your family will enjoy these songs and activities.  AND you will learn how these activities can be so beneficial for your developing children.

  • For families with one or more children, from 1 1/2  through 4 years old.
  • Families enroll for a full semester:  60 min. class each week for 10 weeks.
  • Monday Nights:  6:00 pm.
  • Tuesday Mornings:  10:30 am
  • Friday Mornings:  10:30 am.

Materials include:

  • a great CD you are sure to love,
  • colorful music folders with pictures, song text, and ideas for fun follow up at home,
  • a set of storytelling cards “I LIKE THE BEACH”,
  • a set of seashell castanets
  • additional Sharing Sheets I have developed on the themes
  • craft materials for unique handmade projects based on the theme 


This is truly one of my favorite semesters, and Amy has thoroughly enjoyed the semester this summer with her son, Logan. 

Unique crafts, and wonderful stories have been gathered to enhance the fun of this program.  

There’s something for Everyone in this unique Kindermusik semester.

Spaces will up quickly, so contact Debbie to enroll or ask questions:

The Music Connections website details the location, schedule and cost, and allows online enrollment, and even offers payment options. 

Amy and I hope to see you singing Cockles & Mussels with us this Fall! 

Reflections of Spring: Family Time in Winter Haven

The Kindermusik Family Time semester, Make Way for Music, is the fourth installment in the Family Time series, and completes the set of puppet characters from the Jelly Bean band with Rex, the Lion.  More importantly, it has been an excellent introduction, and vehicle for families to explore the many aspects of music with their children.  Mrs. Bernadette has offered a musical haven for families with her sweet demeanor and gentle way of engaging the children in the activities.  The following pictures celebrate their time together this semester, and the conclusion of this phase of Kindermusik in the Winter Haven area.  Due to the interests of her daughter, whom she is home schooling, Mrs. Bernadette will be taking a break from teaching Kindermusik for awhile to support her daughter in a Marine Biology program. 

Monday Night Class

 [rockyou id=115358953&w=426&h=320]

Tuesday Morning Class

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To the Kindermusik families in the Winter Haven area, Thank You for sharing your families with us.  May your lives have a strong steady beat of consistency, as well as the rhythms of sponteneity and joyfullness.  May your homes be filled with happy musical voices, and may your family grow together to blend like the instruments of the orchestra when they play so fully together.  I do wish you all the best!  And please stay in touch, as I am working on several new options for the Winter Haven families.