More Resources THIS WEEK

I am determined to let you folks know about a lot more of my favorite resources this week.  I’ve been a little slow on the uptake, but there is much I would love to share with you, specifically on the subjects concerning daily routines and everyday home life. 

I’ve already shared my thoughts on a little CD set you can get at most any music store, or online, called Classics for children, so check it out at .

Plus, I will be sharing some information about the unique products that Do-Re-Me & You have to offer.  The new DRMY catalog is filled with unique musical learning sets, specifically designed by the creative team in coordination with Kindermusik.  They have also just introduced an additional Gift Giving catalog, which featured unique learning products they have found created by others that are not easy to find elsewhere.  FUN STUFF just right for all the children on your holiday list.  AND shipping is FREE if you order more than $100 worth of product.  You can check out the products online at or contact me for more information.  Take a peek at my resource BLOG to find out some of my, AND my children’s, favorites.


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