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Top 5 Gifts of Music

“I LOVE Music !” your child says, whether with words, or with their body when music is playing and when enjoying an instrument,  or with their facial expressions when you are singing with them.  If they could, they might tell you their top 5 gifts of music like this.

Baby FamilyI love to listen in the car, and sing along with the fun songs.  I love to make music with my instruments, and anything else I can bang on or shake ! Most of all, I love it when my family and I enjoy music activities together:

lap bounces with daddy like “Giddy Up A-Horsie”, dancing with scarves with mommy, and circle dances like “Ring Around the Rosie”… 
More, please.  Let’s do it again !
boy interacts with musicResearch shows that music activates my whole brain, enhancing ALL my learning right now,  and building a strong foundation for all my future learning.    My brain is always searching for patterns that help the world make sense, and music is full of patterns.  My brain learns best when comparing opposite concepts, and music is full of contrasts.  My brain learns best when NEW things catch my interest, and is followed by many repetitions to help keep strong what I have learned.   
More, please.  Let’s do it again !
girls eyesIf I could, I would tell you that the gift that would mean most to me,
the one that will fill more of each of my days with fun and learning,
the one that will last the longest, and make marvalous memories,
is the Gift of Music !



My TOP 5 Gifts of Music
Classes - girl#1 – Kindermusik makes it fun and easy for me and my family to learn new songs and music activities, and gives us all the materials to keep the fun and learning going at home, and in the car !   And it makes me feel so good because Mrs. Debbie thinks I’m so unique and wonderful, and helps me learn in my own way.  
There are so many programs, for infants up to 7 years old, available in the Spring Semester starting in Feb.  But we don’t have to wait, let’s visit a class in January.  Check out the details on Kindermusik Gift Certificates, and about the Kindermusik Payment Plans
#2 – It is so much fun to unwrap and explore new  musical Instruments !
Mrs. Debbie recommends these shopping places:
  • The ONLINE Kindermusik Store has LOTS of great music, instruments, scarves, and even sets (best prices!).  Please “tell” them that Mrs. Debbie sent you by entering her educator code, #15788, at checkout.
  • At the studio, Mrs. Debbie has a limited supply of integrated music sets (that means CDs, books, instruments, props and more that ALL connect on a specific theme that kids LOVE.)  Click the yellow link, or contact Debbie for more details.
  • Boomwacker girlMusic for Little People has the best, most expansive collection of musical stuff for our young children.  Mrs. Debbie could get in a LOT of trouble here! 
  • Locally, there are several great music stores.  Did you know Brooke Potteryalso has a nice small selection?
  • Mrs. Debbie’s Advice: choose instruments your child can be successful with.   Some instruments, like a violin or guitar, are best considered with recommendations for the right size and quality, as well as lessons from a music educator.
#3 – I would LOVE to learn songs about things I am interested in !!!
SweetPea3On, there are hundreds of songs , stories, and music to choose from.  AND, there is a way to SEARCH for songs about the things I like most, like TRAINS, CARS, ANIMALS, Princesses, or growing a garden.      It is easy to download these songs, and the first 10 credits are free when you log in.   Families enrolled in a Kindermusik class not only get the CDs, but they can dowload all the music from the class for FREE, along with MORE fun activities that are part of the semester. 
 Need something that is easy, durable, and safe for me to use to listen? Check out this cool SweetPea3 MP3 player
#4 –  I think I’m READY for music lessons! 
Am I ready to sit down one-on-one with a teacher for a specific instrument? 
Or will I learn best how to read and write music, and play instruments, through singing, moving, and playing games, which will get me READY for more formal lessons?   
Better talk to Mrs. Debbie and Mrs. Tiffany, to see what is best for me at this time. 
  • Kindermusik for the Young Child (ages 5 – 7) with Mrs. Debbie
  •  InTune Studios offers: Private lessons on the piano, violin, flute, guitar, or voice
    •  Art’Sing – unique program with group voice, acting, dance, and art
      • there is an Afterschool version that can include Martial Arts ! 
    • ART classes are available for toddlers, preschoolers, and elementary ages 
 #5 – The Greatest Gift is Musical TIME with YOU and ME

I really like to hear you sing to me, teach me the songs you grew up with, tell me rhymes while I bounce on your knees, pull out the pots and pans and tell me what beautiful music I am making, help me make homemade music instruments, dance with me with music that’s got a groove, and rock me to sleep with the most soothing lullabies.   It’s a gift you can give everyday, and it doesn’t cost a thing, except your time. 

More music, please.  Let’s do it Again !

What GIFT of music are you giving YOUR child or family this year?  Please share !

Can’t decide whether to enroll in Kindermusik?

enrollment video pic


Watch this Video


It’s TRUE, everyone participates in their OWN way in Kindermusik. 


Amazingly, the process of music helps to bring out the best in all of us.  As the weeks progress, both children and parents feel more comfortable and familiar with the songs and the routines, providing for a perfect learning environment – surrounded by friends who are all learning too – (even the teacher).


Fall Semester classes start Sept. 9 – 10th.  Enroll now to save your place in class.  Click on the Lakeland Tab above for more details.  Or enroll directly online at .

Can anyone share a good story of how your child may have been different than you expected in Kindermusik, or how they might have changed their participation over a few weeks in Kindermusik?

Creatures at the Ocean are Swimming in Lakeland

Summer Kindermusik Adventures

are happening

all over the world!


Creatures at the Ocean

is one of the BEST,


esp. if you like the beach!


Debbie Mondale of Music Connections is proud to offer the Creatures at the Ocean Adventure to the families of Lakeland, Florida, and the surrounding communities. 

Creatures at the Ocean includes themes on the beach, at the shore, and in the ocean.  We get to have fun playing with sand, jumping over the waves, going for boat rides, and swimming with the whales and dolphins through musical movement and imaginative play activities.

  • For families with one or more children, from infants up to 7 or older.
  • Families enroll for a full semester:  60 min. class each week for 5 weeks.
  • Thursdays:  July 10 – Aug. 7    Times:  10:00, 11:15 am, 3:30 pm.
  • Fridays:  July 11 – Aug. 8           Times:   10:00, 11:15 am
  • SATURDAY OPTION:  An additional class will be offered every 3rd Saturday in June, July & August at 11:45 am.  This will allow for “make-up” class for families who may miss due to being out of town during scheduled class times.

Materials include:

  • a great CD you are sure to love,
  • colorful music folders with pictures, song text, and ideas for fun follow up at home,
  • a set of storytelling cards “I LIKE THE BEACH”,
  • a set of seashell castanets
  • additional Sharing Sheets I have developed on the themes
  • craft materials for unique handmade projects based on the theme 


This is truly one of my favorite semesters, and I have taught it more times than any other Kindermusik program.  I have also developed unique crafts, and gathered wonderful stories to enhance the fun of this program.  

There’s something for Everyone in this unique Kindermusik semester.

Spaces are filling up quickly, so contact Debbie to enroll or ask questions:

The Music Connections website details the location, schedule and cost, and allows online enrollment, and even offers payment options. 

I hope to see you singing at the beach this summer! 


If you aren’t located nearby, the Kindermusik website features the Educator Locator, a great tool to search for an educator near you who may be teaching this program, or other fun summer programs.  AND you can get a coupon for a FREE CLASS.



Children, Children, build me a boat

In the Imagine That! Toys I Make, Trips I Take semester, we have been working together to build toys, and BE toys for an imaginary toyshop – singing our way through the whole process.  The last two weeks, we have been building a boat, and taking imaginary trips in it, reading stories about it, and watching the stars in it.  Last week, the children were challenged to build their own boat, any way they want.  Enjoy watching the creative ideas they developed!

 [rockyou id=106202464]

Each of them are so proud of their creation!  And it was amazing how many different styles of boat, out of such various materials, with such unique features came into the Kindermusik class this week! 

I do have to comment – allowing the child to lead the process is sometimes very difficult for parents.  I KNOW how important and beneficial it is, but I’m telling you, it took FOUR days to let Cora develop her own plan and carry it out, and that is HARD for me as a parent to be patient and not just take over and lead the process.  When she got stuck, I would suggest option after option until I could see the spark in her eyes (I wouldn’t accept a lackidasical “Well, alright”)  Then we would work through how to make it happen.  She had to be excited about it, and know that it was her chosen plan in order to get her to be motivated enough to follow through on it.  But in the end, she was very happy with her house boat, and the other children seem to enjoy it as well.

As a matter of fact, there was something special about each child’s boat that made it interesting to the other children.  One had characters in it to play with. One would actually float.  One was a Harry Ferry Boat, complete with trucks.  Several boats were able to get into, but each had a different way of powering their ride – a motor, oars, and one was even powered by a magic fairy wand. 

I could go on and on, but the main point is, that it is extremely worthwhile to step into the world of your child’s imagination, and encourage and assist them to help some of their creative ideas come to life. 

Children, Children, build me a boat, so on the ocean WE may float.  Enjoy!