Payments are EASY and can fit your budget

Enrolling for a Kindermusik program is easy, and payments CAN be adjusted to fit your budget.

I KNOW these are tough economic times for everyone.  But, as many of my families will will confirm, I HATE for finances to get in the way of this awesome opportunity. 

I BELIEVE sooo much in the processes of Kindermusik, and the positive influences it can have on daily family life.  So I am offering a variety of options to make it possible for families to work through the financial issues to ensure their child can participate in a learning process that will benefit them for life. 

FIRST, you must enroll with at least the cost of the materials in order to save your place in class and have your materials on the first day.  See below for more instructions if needed.

  • Payments can be made online with a credit card.
  • Payments (check/money order/cash) can be mailed to:     Debbie Mondale at 6825 Ranch Rd.  Lakeland, FL  33809

Ongoing Discount Options

Kindermusik Yard Sign = $10 off tuition when you check out a Yard Sign at InTune Studios (leaving contact information) and display it in your yard for two months.   Share your enthusiasm as a Kindermusik Family !

Sibling Disounts = $20 off of tuition for any sibling also enrolled in any 15 week semester

Referral Discounts = $10 off tuition for your friend when they enroll, and YOU get to choose a $10 discount OR a special Prize.

Payment Plan Options for Tuition

1)   Pay the tuition in Full by first day of class and get a PRIZE !   Checks, Money orders, and cash are accepted in class, as well as credit cards to have my assistant make a payment online.

2)  Set up a Payment Plan online with a credit card. 

  • My database will automatically divide your tuition balance into 4 equal payments.  For example, the Our Time class tuition is $165, which is $41.25 a month for 4 months starting the month that the semester starts.  Enter your credit card information for automatic monthly payments that neither of us have to worry about.  Please see instructions below.  OR just bring your credit card on the first day of class to have my assistant set up the payment plan for you. 

3)  If you need a different financial arrangement, PLEASE talk to me !!!  I totally work with each family to make it work for you.  We can divide up the payments differently to match your timelines better.  AND  In some instances, I even barter (trade services for services) for partial or full tuition.  I would be thrilled to barter for some housecleaning !!!, or yard work, or help with delivering brochures around town (esp. the south side).  I’ve been known to barter for pest control, hair cuts for my family, specially made pottery or jewelry…  whatever!  TALK to me, and we can work something out. 

Further instructions for enrolling and setting up payments online.

1)  Email me at and we can discuss which class might be best for your child.  This is highly recommended, as there are details about the classes that may be important that I cannot convey in mass messages.  We’ll make sure to get your child enrolled in the right program!  If we need to speak personally, please include your phone number, or I will include mine in the reply.  I LOVE to talk with my customers, it allows me to get to know you and your family better as we strive together to meet the needs of your child.

1 – Enroll ONLINE –   If you already know which class you desire, you can enroll online on my website: .  New families simply sign in and follow the instructions.  Returning Families can Sign In using:

  • the SAME email address that you recieve my newsletters, and
  •  the password that is personally chosen.   If you are having trouble with your password (as I do with some programs), please contact me, and I can reset your password, so you will have continued easy access for this process.

Then go to the CLASSES page and REGISTER each child for the program and class time desired. 

2)  Complete your enrollment by making a payment online with a credit card, or mailing a payment within 5 days.  This initial payment must at least include the cost of the materials, so I can order them and have them available for the student on the first day of class.  When completing the enrollment process, it will ask for this initial payment by credit card, but there is a place to indicate if you will mail it. 

Full Payment with Enrollment is always gladly accepted and appreciated.  ; )    AND gets you the $10 discount !!!  Just PAY $10 less than the total, and I will go in and correct it.

The following are instructions for setting up a payment plan online. 

  • After registering your child for the class, it will take you to your account page where it shows your balance, and you can MAKE A PAYMENT (down at the bottom). 
  • At the top of the page, indicate what type of payment you want to complete:  Next payment amount (it shows the amount).  
  • Complete ALL the information for your credit card, then 
  • MAKE SURE to check the box at the bottom that says “Use this card to pay all of the _____ family’s future scheduled payments automatically.”  This sets it up so neither YOU or I have to worry about it for the rest of the semester.  YOUR DONE !!!

If you would like me to complete the online process for you, please email me at with the class in which you would like to enroll, and let me know HOW you would like to pay.  If you want to pay by credit card, I will call you to get the information.   Although my database is security locked, my email is not. 

If you want to discuss your situation, do not hesitate to call me at 816-8835.  I am always happy to work with any family to make Kindermusik possible for their child.


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