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FT LogoKindermusik’s Family Time program is designed for families with children of all ages. Whether there is one child or many in a family, all will find a unique way to play and bond while learning new songs, and developing new skills. Parents and children alike enjoy the social aspects of this fun family class, as well as the fresh songs, activities, and ideas that can be incorporated into our daily lives.

Although this video is a bit LONG, around 15 min., you will be spellbound in watching the process of music come alive with these families, and learn why you might find it just the RIGHT type of program for your family!

Currently, the Family Time program is only offered as a 5 lesson series, on SECOND Saturdays, once a month for 5 months.   We have a wonderful group of working families who cherish this opportunity, and these materials, for the quality moments it infuses into their family life.

Peterson familyThe Family Time program is actually quite flexible, with the ability to offer 5 week, 10 week, or 15 week semesters. These can be offered during the week days, at night, or even for Saturday classes.  If you are interested in this type of program for your family, PLEASE let me know how you would like to see it presented, and I will see if there is enough interest to add a class.

No matter how it is presented, the Family Time program really brings families together to interact in so many new ways with each other (giving siblings MANY alternatives to picking and bickering), and to socialize in such fun ways with other children and adults in a safe and fun family atmosphere.

As with ALL the Kindermusik programs, a quality set of home materials are a integral part of the program. We believe that parents, as a child’s first teacher, has an awesome opportunity to use these tools to continue the learning activities at home – where the child is able to repeat and adapt the activities well enough to really glean all the learning that is possible. For example, check out the themes and ALL of the following materials that comes with:

The Home Materials kit comes in a clear plastic zippered bag with handles and includes:

Make Way for Music Materials


  • Two CDs full of high quality music the whole family will enjoy (including songs used in class);
  • Two children’s literature books; Each children’s book also contains a comic strip on the first page featuring the characters in the Jellybean Band, and a fun seek and find picture on the back page.
  • A Family Activity Guide with song lyrics, as well as ideas for how to bring the learning home (craft ideas, homemade instrument ideas, etc.) and how to adapt the ideas for differing ages of children.
  • Two instruments, specifically designed for children (perfect sizes for little hands and big parades),
  • AND a Game in which preschool and older children enjoy expanding on the concepts presented.
  • For each semester, there are also Two puppets, both a hand puppet and a finger puppet, featuring a Jelly Bean Band character (these are the characters in the comic series in each of the books).  Each set can be purchased for an additional $10.

You will be impressed at how integrated all the elements of this kit are designed to enhance each other for a whole child learning environment.

There are FOUR units of Family Time, each with their own themes, five sub-themes, and unique parts of materials:

***** Our Kind of Day

Our Kind of Day celebrates the routines of the day, offering unique ways to include music throughout the family’s daily activities. These techniques can truly enhance the harmony in family interactions.

Themes: Playtime …. Mealtime …. Clean-up Time …. Bath Time …. Nighttime

Unique Materials: Books: ”Bouncing on the Bed”, and “Head, Shoulders, Knees & Toes”; Double Egg Shakers; Hopper & Bounce, the Kangaroo puppets, and a Jellybean Band Domino game.

***** Here, There, and Everywhere!

This semester celebrates they ways a family goes out and about!

There are songs to accompany road trips, no matter how long, and fun music and ideas to accent your adventures.

Themes: A Visit with a Friend……… An Outing at the Park………. A Trip to the City………….. An Afternoon at the Aquarium………. A Day at the Farm

Unique Materials: Books: ”Jingle, Jangle Jambourine”, and “Flip, Flap, Sugar Snap”; Jambourines; Wags, the Dog puppets; and a Jellybean Band Board Game.

***** Moving and Grooving

Moving & Grooving celebrates all the ways to move; with our bodies, with our voices, and with music. The best way to learn concepts is through multi-sensory exploration of opposites. This is music and movement exploration at it’s best!

Themes: Tempo (fast/slow) ……… Levels (high/low) ………. Pathways (Straight/Curvy… & more) ………….. Weight (light/heavy) ………. Energy (sharp/smooth)

Unique Materials: Books: ”Put Your Left Paw In”, and “Catch Me”; Den-Den Drums; Rascal, the Monkey puppets, Card Game based on locomotor movements featuring Jelly Bean Band characters.

***** Make Way for Music ! (materials shown as example set)

Make Way for Music celebrates five magnificent aspects of music, introducing very abstract concepts through singing, moving, and personal involvement in the process of making music.

Themes: Beat and Rhythm……… Concepts and Contrasts………. Our Voices………….. Instrument Families………. Ensemble

Unique Materials: Books: ”Drum Circle”, and “Animals on Parade”; Finger Drums; Rex, the Lion puppets, Card Game featuring instruments of the orchestra.

See my Music Connections Website to get more details on the location, class schedule, pricing, and to easily enroll online.


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  1. Hello, im not familiar with the page or the program. I have a 24 old daughter that got attachet to the little puppet dog from the “Here, There, And Everywhere!” theme; she lost it and now she cries a lot because she misses it. I’ve tried ordering online but i couldn’t find it. Some one help please 😦 please message me @ if you know where to find it

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