Presenting the Music Connections Calendar for Spring Semester 2012.

It contains important information and a calendar of class dates for the semester.  Here, I make any updates as quickly as possible. 

For specific class times and info. see my Spring Class Schedule.

Here are some basic guidelines concerning class dates:

  • Semester classes continue week after week unless there is a reason for a missed week, for example, any school breaks.
  • As a general calendar rule, if school is cancelled on a Kindermusik day, so are both days of classes.  I PROMISE to update THIS calendar with ANY changes, AND send out an email with notification of change.
  • If you will NOT be able to make it to a class, please contact me.  We can discuss make-up options.

Calendar of events and class dates by week 

Music Connections Calendar                       Spring Semester 2012 

Week of:               Tues, Wed, & Thurs Kindermusik classes

Jan. 31, Feb. 1 – 2              First week of Spring Semester

Feb. 6               Wk 2   – Please bring Family and Child Info Sheets

Feb. 13             Wk 3 – SHARE the LOVE Week with Kindermusik at InTune Studios

Saturday, Feb. 18 – Saturday Family Events  @ In Tune Studios

Feb. 20              Wk 4                                                      

Feb. 27               Wk 5   

Mar. 5                 Wk 6

************  Mar. 12 – 16       Polk County School Spring Break – NO Classes         **********

Saturday, Mar. 17 – Saturday Family Events  @ In Tune Studios 

Mar. 19               Wk 7                                        

Mar. 26              Wk 8         Last Day: Village “Cock-a-Doodle Moo”

Apr. 2                 Wk 9          First day of Village:  “DewDrops”

Apr. 9                 Wk. 10         

Saturday, Apr. 14 – Saturday Family Events  @ In Tune Studios

Apr. 16               Wk 11      

Apr. 23               Wk 12     

Apr. 30               Wk 13    

May 7                  Wk 14

Saturday, May 12 Saturday Family Events  @ In Tune Studios  

May 14               Wk 15 – Last Day of Spring classes

May 21                Free Demo Classes for FALL Semester

Saturday, June 9  – Saturday Family Events  @ In Tune Studios

 If you have any questions, please contact Debbie at 816-8835, or email me at


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  1. Is there class the week of Dec 15?

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