The Family that DRUMS together

The little drummer boy in this video is in 1st grade, but WOW! does he have a good handle on how to play the drums.  Not only does he keep a steady beat, he matches his beat to the varying speeds in the music.

If you think THAT is awesome, you should see his Dad play, check out the drum lesson videos on YouTube by Randy Van Patten.  It’s no wonder this boy is so talented.  It is fabulous to see the connectedness of this family, and how music brings them together!

His mom sent this to me recently.  When this little boy, between the ages of 2 – 3, was in Kindermusik, he was sooo shy.  But he thrived in the presence of him mom, and esp. when Dad was able to attend as well.  These parents were always so great to adapt ways to participate in the activities for their shy child.  He loved Kindermusik, but really mostly just wanted to interact with his parents. 

When he got into the Imagine That class, where there is opportunity to participate independently, he was quite shy and reserved.  But, any time his mom joined the class, he blossomed and had a great time.  So she participated alongside the children for the entire class, and he got so much out of it.  The Imagine That material was just right for his cognitive abilities, so it was still better for him to be in that program, just needed a bit more emotional support. 

Because his parents accepted him for WHO he is, and respected his need for additional emotional support, he gradually grew more and more confident in his own strengths and abilities.  And, as you can see, he is a very able and confident performer.   Of course, his parents get ALL the credit for that !  They just chose Kindermusik as a tool to help him explore a strong interest of his, and to provide additional social opportunities.

Each Kindermusik program offers a set of parameters and activities that are recommended for each age group.  But the BEAUTY of the real experience is that parents are present, and engage their children in a way that is right for them (with ideas and guidance from the educator). 

Many families with just-turned 3 year olds are uncertain which class to take.  Just call and let’s talk about what is right for your child, and your family.  Together, we are a team who has the best interest of the child at heart, and we can provide a fabulous experience that meets the needs of your child.


2 Responses

  1. What a great story!

  2. I recieved this from the MOM by email, and have to share it.

    I also wanted to thank you! Of course I always read all of the news letters you send out and boy did I get a SUPER surprise on this one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When I saw the title “A Family That Drums Together” I thought “Oh how neat! She has something about Drumming!!” (it takes me a minute sometimes! Haha). I opened it and my mouth hit the floor!!!!! I saw the link to the paused video of Tyler from 1st grade and I was so surprised!!! My eyes filled all up and I screeched for Randy to come in! THEN I started to read the amazing things you wrote about our family!!!!! Ms Debbie….. I can’t possibly put into words how you made us both feel!!!!!! It was, without a doubt, the most wonderful, encouraging things I have ever heard (or read) about our little family or us as parents!!!!! It touched us in a way that I can’t describe and meant so much to us!!!! Forget my eyes filling up… They were pouring by this point!! 🙂 I guess a huge part of why is because Randy and I are VERY passionate about music. It is a part of us, a part of who we are and what we love. We truly feel both of our kids have such a special gift and we are so proud of them. We never would or do force music or anything on them. It’s important for them to discover their own passions and interests. They just seem to love music as much as we do so we are thrilled!! The fact that you saw and see that in Tyler and how far he has come already in his own unique way and then the way you made us feel about it…. I just can’t thank you enough!!!!!

    I know I will keep that forever! Not only for him, because it is something I think he will treasure for a long, long time, but also for us, me especially!! For the many times it gets so tough to be a parent, I will go back and read your write-up and feel like I’m doing OK!!! I’ll never forget this!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!

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