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    “When a child learns by experience that music forges direct links between self and world, self-expression becomes more fluent; the music helps interpret ‘who I am’.” -"Growing up Complete”, the report of the National Commission on Music Education
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Pumpkins aren’t just for Halloween

Pumpkins are a mystical magical fruit, in that they can be so many different things.  There is certainly a magic in the nature of planting the seed and watching it grow, helping it along the way.  There is magic in how it can be transformed into a Pumpkin pie or Pumpkin Cookies.  And there is magic in how it can be transformed into a jolly glowing face, or a work of art.   Much of the magic of its transformations are celebrated in songs and music. 


At our last Family Saturday Event, we enjoyed an hour’s worth of fun interactive songs about planting and growing and decorating pumpkins, then we enjoyed decorating our own.


There are many resources I found that I would LOVE to share with you, but FIRST, there is a fun pumpkin / Jack-O-Lantern slide show that accompanies “Gimme a Smile – The Pumpkin Song” by Andrew Gold.  Very Jazzy music to accompany the story of a pumpkin who want to be chosen and made into a Jack-O-Lanterns, but pleads “Please, Please, Please, Please, Gimme a Smile”



That wonderful song can be found on Andrew Gold’s Halloween Howls CD – available in lots of places.  This is a great CD that includes fun Halloween songs that aren’t too scary for children.

Wanna carve your OWN – without a knife?    You’ve just got to try your hand at this pumpkin carving simulator, complete with glowing pumpkin at the end.


Check out the pumpkin and Halloween postings on my Music Connections Recommends… blog:



Pumpkin, Pumpkin Fun

Features a fun pumpkin rhyme and finger play, as well as fabulous books about pumpkins! 

Fall Fun at Green Meadows Farm

This posting focuses on a local petting farm, where children get to pet and hold LOTS of animals, even baby ones.  And they have a pumpkin patch each October. 


Halloween Musical Fun !

Features fun info. on three resources:

         WeeSing for Halloween – CD

         Andrew Gold’s Halloween Howls CD

         Scared Silly, a book of poems by Marc Brown


Our Family absolutely LOVES these Halloween treats!




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  1. […] First, enjoy some pumpkin fun, and get pump-ed up for the season’s best by reviewing the music, activities, and links on my previous posts:  Pumpkins aren’t just for Halloween […]

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