NEW: Kindermusik Sign and Sing in Lakeland, Florida

This little boy asks \

“Please”, this boy asks, 

and so have several moms,

So, this Summer, for the first time,

Music Connections offers

Kindermusik Sign and Sing

Kindermusik Sign and Sing offers new ways for hearing children to communicate with other family members, and is a proven way to aid in their language development.   This ability to communicate their thoughts even before they have the capability to speak greatly enhances their daily routines, and reduces the frustration caused by not being understood.  Parents and children learn the signs easily through our class activities using real objects and realistic situations.  The Home Activity Guide, a DVD featuring 60 signs, AND a flip chart with pictures are a great way to review and learn the signs quickly, and begin using them at home.  This is a well researched program that is based on using American Sign Language (ASL), and developed in coordination with Signing Smart.  And YES, babies as young as 6 months old have been able to communicate through sign language.  Amazing, isn’t it?


Read ALL the details at:


·                     For families with one or more children, from from 6 months to 3 years old.

·                     Families enroll for a full semester:  45 min. class each week for 5 weeks.

·         Thursdays:  July 10 – Aug. 7    Times:  9:30 am. and 1:30 pm.


PLEASE register in advance, as space is limited.


Contact  Debbie:  816-8835


Or register online !


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