Mother’s Day Sing-a-long and Traditions

This sweet animated clip features a mother spider and her loving child, who is singing about how his mother loves him just because he is her child.  The words are included, and I know you and your child will enjoy watching and singing along with this one!

You may even enjoy coming up with your own words to the song, pointing out specific things that you love about each of your children, and what they love about you.  No matter what their age is, children thrive on hearing all the different things you love about them.  Adults do too.

Mother’s Day is also a wonderful time to retell the story of your child’s birth, from the moment there was a desire in your heart for a child through to the day they were born.  This tradition will become a beloved bonding experience each year. 

Since I wrote a song for each of my children before they were born, I include that song in their story.  Other parents I know CHOSE a favorite song to represent their love.  To see a list of songs parents have chosen to be a special connection with their child, see my resources blog posting:   Songs for Mothers and Fathers 

I also bring out the artwork that I did while I was pregnant,  (I crafted a little baby and several acessories out of beeswax modeling clay), as well as their artwork from each Mother’s Day.  I keep them all in a treasure box to bring out for special occasions, like this and their birthdays, and even days when I can tell they just need to be reassured of their worth.  Or sometimes, just for myself, when I need to refocus on the love that brought them into the world, instead of the daily frustrations that sometimes block that vision.

On Mother’s Day, and all the days of being a mother, even on the really tough days,  I wish you peace, contentment, and a full heart!  Life just wouldn’t be the same, it wouldn’t be so full of laughter, love, and learning, without our children.  I am so glad to be “MOM”!

Merry Melodies,
Debbie Mondale


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  1. […] Mother’s Day Sing-a-long and Traditions – includes a fun cartoon video of a parent /child relationship, as well as some traditions we have in our family on Mother’s Day.  Telling and singing the above story is part of that. […]

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