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    “When a child learns by experience that music forges direct links between self and world, self-expression becomes more fluent; the music helps interpret ‘who I am’.” -"Growing up Complete”, the report of the National Commission on Music Education
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We Yodel in Kindermusik, but not quite like Taylor

In the Kindermusik for the Young Child class, we are studying cultural music styles from Europe, even the fine art of Yodeling!

As you’ll see in this video, 12 year old, Taylor Ware, taught herself to Yodel from a instructional book, and audio tape.  She just thought it would be interesting to learn during the summer when she was 7 years old.   VERY COOL!

For a fun website, check out: http://homepage.mac.com/saintflo/ai0699.html .  Florian Keller provides a bit of history of yodeling, very interesting, as well as a Crash Course in yodeling (linked at the bottom of his page) – pretty funny stuff.

Enjoy trying to yodel!  It’s a great thing to play around with when you are out hiking around in nature.


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