Merry Christmas, Charlie Brown & Ms. Debbie Style

Once again, I am sending you holiday greetings Charlie Brown style.  Besides loving the music, and the entertaining characters, I love how the true spirit of the holiday is repectfully conveyed, by Linus!

The first video contains many scenes from the original Charlie Brown Christmas.  It is about 13 minutes long, so you might get a few cups of hot chocolate for you and your family to enjoy while watching these fun scenes.  I have the full VHS video, and Cora and I laughed and giggled so much at Snoopy’s antics.

The second video is shorter, and simply features Linus, conveying the true meaning of Christmas.  I love how this part has been singled out, so that the words of the Bible have their own spotlight.

The original sound track recording of the CBS television special, A Charlie Brown Christmas, by the Vince Guaraldi Trio, is one of my all-time favorite Christmas Albums.  This jazzy music really gets me in the mood to decorate my Christmas tree.  Oh, Tannenbaum!  

I do wish you all a Merry Christmas.  May your music be jazzy, may your feet find a dance, and may you feel the true spirit of Christmas in your hearts.

Debbie Mondale


One Response

  1. Love the Tenors; the Daily Facts were interesting and fun; Charlie Brown Christmas clips with Linus gives the right reason for the season. I will have to take your information bit by bit as there is soooo much to read and I do want to read/see each one. Thanks for all the time and research you put into your publications.

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