Amazing Bird encourages Vocal Play

When looking for a YouTube video showing the sounds of frogs and birds, I came across this amazing bird, having a lot of fun with Vocal Play.  I hope you and your child enjoy similar types of vocal play.  Although with children, don’t expect such cooperation in performing for other people.  Try to keep it a fun game between you and your child.  If they want to share it, they will.

For more information on vocal play with frogs and birds, I found a great website featuring pictures, comments, and their natural sounds.  Check out the blog posting: Frog and Bird Sounds .  Have fun with your child listening, and imitating these real animals.


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  1. […] who has an enormous vocabulary, check out the video I included in the following blog posting:  Amazing Bird encourages Vocal Play.   With the Preschoolers in the Kindermusik Imagine That!  SEE WHAT I SAW semester, the students […]

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