Kindermusik Fall Family Time in Winter Haven

Family Time LogoThe Family Time program is for families with children of all ages.

Class Times:  Monday Nights: 6:00 pm   Tuesdays:  9:45  or 11:00 am.

Ms B - Spr 07Mrs. Bernadette teaches the classes here in Winter Haven, and the families just love her.  Check out the comments to see what parents have to say about her and the program.  There is also a posting that includes a parent’s special comments to me about Mrs. Bernadette and the quality of Kindermusik programs.  You can find that if you click on Winter Haven in the Categories column.

The newest unit:  Movin’ and Groovin’  is “a romping, rolling, stretching good time for the whole family. This ten-lesson unit of Family Time will explore lots of different ways to move—high and low, fast and slow, zigzag, curvy, and more. Family members will chug around the classroom like trains, clip-clop like horses, and roll over like puppy dogs. They’ll hear a story about playing tag together in Can You Catch Me?, and read about a jungle hokey-pokey in Put Your Left Paw In.   Show your best groovin’ moves—it’s time for Movin’ & Groovin’.” 

Casey & Dad with ChimesAs with all Family Time classes, there is a lot of singing, dancing, exploring instruments, and playing with fun props like scarves, balls, parachutes, and lots more.  Come and enjoy the musical fun together with your children.  It will build beautiful memories within you and your children, and you will be amazed at how musical your lives will become.

The Home Materials Kit (one per family) comes in a clear carrying bag and includes:

  • 2 CDs with high quality music focused on the themes,  
  • 2 children’s books (referred to above),
  • a Home Activity Guide, with words, melodies and lots of ideas, 
  • 2 instruments – a set monkey den den drums,
  • and the 2 puppets of Rascal, the monkey – a hand puppet and a finger puppet 

I’m so excited, I’m jumping already.  I just knew Rascal was going to be the mascot for this semester. 

Enroll now to save your spot in your desired class! 


2 Responses

  1. Bernadette is a wonderful instructor. She is EXTREMLY patient, flexible, organized, and always prepared. Ralee and I have adopted several activities. We enjoy creating instruments out of everyday objects and creating our own “music.” I am always telling others about our wonderful experiences at Kindermusik. Kindermusik is a wonderful venue for moms and dads to meet other parents. It is also an outstanding program which introduces the children to instruments and activities that they may not be able to experience in their homes. – Heather Lee-Blackwell & Ralee (2 yrs)

  2. We are very satisfied, we enjoyed the activities, interaction, and all aspects of the program. Ms Bernadette has a calm, soothing teaching method that works well for Dylan. She also adapts her teaching methods well for a variety of ages. Dylan’s rhythm and alertness to music and rhythm seems more evolved than I ever expected at this age. This program has had a positive impact on Dylan since he was 3 months old for development of all his senses and his ability to interact with other children. – Deidre Fontenot & Dylan

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