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    “When a child learns by experience that music forges direct links between self and world, self-expression becomes more fluent; the music helps interpret ‘who I am’.” -"Growing up Complete”, the report of the National Commission on Music Education
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Peek into the world of babies with Kindermusik Village!

Village Program: Spring Semester  Themes         (infancy up to 18 months)

Wed. at 9:30 am.   OR  Thurs. 12:30 pm.    Find out more about these consecutive semesters and register online at:  http://musiconnx.kindermusik.net .  There is a discount on tuition if registering for both.

Jose & momThe Rhythm of My Day  – starting Jan. 24 or 25
This 8-week session will help you bring more rhythm and routine to your baby’s day, as well as help her develop lasting learning skills. We’ll show you how and tell you why music can help your little one soothe herself and how it helps to build a strong network for learning in her body and mind.  PLUS, we learn about using sign language with your baby, which just kick starts their language development.   I LOVE the calypso flavored music on this CD – makes me want to go on a cruise, but it truly makes everyday special.  Just wait till your dancing with your baby to “Water Come-a-me Eye”.  Sing, sign, and dance your way through your daily routines!

Village:   Hickory, Dickory, Tickle and Bounce   –starting March 21, 22          

Research shows the more you expose your baby to nursery rhymes and songs, the stronger those emerging language-learning skills will be. That’s why these Mother Goose-like stories and rhymes are the main theme of this 7-week Kindermusik session. With unique renditions of nursery rhyme classics, plus weekly developmental information in your home journal, you’ll develop research-proven communication strategies with your child through listening activities, speaking “parentese,” and sign language.  And you’ll find our Hickory Dickory Mouse quite precocious.


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  1. My son & I really enjoy the class. Although I just started the class, I have observed how well Ms. Mondale teaches the class. Not only is she a great teacher, but her love and passion for teaching young children shines through. My son really likes her. I look forward to the next 2 semesters with her.

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