Our Time for ages 1 1/2 to 3 1/2 yrs. old

Our Time takes toddlers and their partners through wonderful explorations of themes familiar and fun.  In class, we sing hello to each child in their special way.  We explore instruments and props, such as scarves, balls, etc., then get to use them to play or dance along with fabulous music.  We actively read books, and explore their ideas through sounds and movement.  We explore moving our bodies through space in soooo many ways.  We sing, dance, and play together – building their language, their learning strategies, their creativity, and their problem solving skills.

Class Times:  Wed. 10:30,  11:30 am, Thurs. 9:30, or 10:30 am

Milk & Cookies  Milk and Cookies starts Aug. 23 – 24.

Milk and Cookies Using a favorite snack as the base of theme centered around the home, we’ll give you songs and stories to bring more music into daily routines with your toddler—if it’s building a house, going to the store, spending time together in the kitchen, cleaning up, or having visitors. Each activity was carefully created to help your toddler build confidence, self-control, and social skills. Your At Home CDs include 56 songs, sounds, and stories from class, plus a wooden stir-xylophone instrument.  Two children’s books celebrate the sounds of the home, and the fun of making COOKIES, the recipies are even included in the Family Home Activity Book, as well as much more.  Everything fits inside a purple vinyl, Velcro insulated lunch bag you’ll use long after this class is over.


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